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  • Town Council Board Members
  • Friends of the Linda Vista Library meet every first Saturday morning at 11:15 in the Library Community Room
  • LV Town Council Celebrate Inauguration of USD Pres. Harris
  • Dist 7 Council Aide, Sheldon Zemen, congratulate Bayside Director Corey Pahanish (right) & Kim Heinle for the 20th Anniversary of the LV Collaborative
  • USD Supports Montgomery Middle School to Upgrade the Community Garden
  • Francis Parker School Hosts the Eric Paredes Save-a-Life Foundation for a Health Screening of LV Youth
  • Hmong New Year Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Linda Vista

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  • Farmer's Market every Thursday afternoon (3-7PM) in Linda Vista Shopping Plaza.
  • 31st Annual LV Multi-Cultural Fair & Parade on Sat. Apr 23rd 10am-5pm
  • LV Teen Center "Dragons" Robotics Team competing for World Championship in St Louis 28-30 April
  • FREE CONCERT May 1st - 2pm Shiley Theater at U. of San Diego
  • Banners up in May until July 4th using Montgomery Middle School Students
  • Montgomery Middle School field grassed field being inspected for public use in the Spring.
  • Skate Park in LV Recreation Park starts construction in July

From the LVTC President!

TomKaye2015 rev1Come to the Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair and Parade on April 23rd to enjoy the food, fun and festivities.  The LVTC will be in the Parade and will have a booth to visit with us. We produced a hisorical display to explain how Linda Vista was quickly developed to produce World War II bombers and you can see it.  We are moving the display to the events, the library, Bayside Commiunity Center and local schools.  We have gotten help from Rick Corlett, an Instructor at the Digital Media Design (DMD) school as part of the Kearny High Campus.

Coming Soon


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LV Teen Center Robotics Team in World Championship

Dragons 5229revThe FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 5229, the Dragons, is advancing to the FTC World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri, from 27-30 April. The top 120 robotics teams of over 4000 teams worldwide competed.
     The top 25 teams advance to the World Championship from 13 western states and Mexico. The Dragons have been designing and competing their robot and advanced from the SD Region to the FTC West Super-Regional Championship. The Dragons qualified for the World Championship by winning the Connect Award, which is given to the team that does the best job in raising awareness of science, technology, engineering and math. The Team’s participation in the community has been noted by the director of FIRST California, who singled out the Dragons this year to represent FIRST at a conference of >100 science and engineering executives.
     The Dragons robotics team is from the Linda Vista Teen Center of the Boys and Girls Club. They are a diverse group of students comprised of 12-16 year- olds from six different schools. They are developing skills not only in mechanics, programming, and design, but also in public speaking, project management and fund-raising. The Dragons was the first FTC team to use solar power to charge their robot.  The Dragons rely on private sponsorships as and corporate sponsorships from companies such as Go Professional Cases, Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau, Makerplace, ePlastics, SDGE and PTC.

Free Concert at U. of San Diego on Sunday May 1st 3pm

FREE PARKING - Check www.sandiego.edu

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