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SD gets $4.5M in skatepark grants

A big 'thank you' to planning department's Brian Schoenfisch for his efforts to put together the city's grant application to the state.  Also, a shout out to San Diego City Councilman Scott Sherman for advocating for Linda Vista on this issue.


Next monthly meeting: is scheduled for Monday, July 28, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Linda Vista Branch Library, 2160 Ulric Street, San Diego, CA 92111.   The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings.  


Special Notice:  A Public Workshop Meeting on the Mid-Coast Trolley Project on July 28, 2014 at 3:30 PM the Community Room of the Linda Vista Library immediately prior to the regular meeting of the planning group.  Community input is welcomed and encouraged.


The Draft Plan of the Morena Boulevard Station Area Planning Study is now available for your review here.  A hard copy is also available at the Linda Vista library.  This issue will be the subject of future planning group review and discussion.


Info from Civic San Diego presented at the March meeting on the status of Morley Green, the Skateworld parcel, and the adjacent vacant lot can be read here and here.  The state still needs to release the property to the city of San Diego after agreeing with the identified permissible use catagories.  Morley Green is identified as "government use" for a park, and the other two properties are identified as "future development" because of potential commercial uses.


Watch here:  Linda Vista Picnic Shelter Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Oct. 23) on YouTube


Info on the Proposed Skate Park in Linda Vista:

Mission Valley News: City applies for $3 million grant for Linda Vista skate park project (Oct.23)

Mission Valley News: Linda Vista ramps up plans for skate park (Sept. 13)

Mission Valley News:Linda Vista skate park proposal clears first hurdle despite criticism (Sept. 11)

Clairemont Times: Skate Park in Linda Vista is Gaining Momentum (July 24)

LVPG is on record supporting the skateboard park need and concept.  See letter to Park & Rec here.



Here are the plans for the Dunlop Street Apartments as discussed at the January 28th meeting:

(Note: new changes have recently been made to these plans, which will be available soon.)


Grading Plan.pdf

Presentation Sheet.pdf

First Floor Plan-Revised.pdf

Second Floor Plan.pdf

Third Floor Plan.pdf 

Site Plan with parking.pdf


Building Site Sections.pdf

BLDG 1&2 Roof Plan.pdf


Building I Elevations.pdf 

Building II Elevations.pdf

Building II Floor Plan Level 1&2.pdf

Building III Elevations.pdf

BLDG V Floor Plan, Level 1&2&3.pdf




Development Services Cycle Issues Report on Dunlop Street Apt Project

Building IV Floor Plan Level1&2.pdf

Building V Elevations.pdf

Building III Floor Plan Level 1&2.pdf

Building IV Elevations.pdf

Building I Floor Plan Level 1&2.pdf


BLDG 3&4 Roof Plan.pdf

BLDG 5 Roof Plan.pdf



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