How to Join the Board of the Linda Vista Planning Group (LVPG)

Annual Elections of Board Members of the LVPG

Elections of LVPG members are held annually during the regularly scheduled meeting in March.   Elected members serve for a maximum of 8 years consecutively.  The deadline to qualify for candidacy in the March general election shall be at the end of the February noticed regular meeting of the full planning group.   

To be an eligible community member to run for the LVPG Board, an individual must be at least 18 years of age, and shall be affiliated with the community as:

  1. a  property owner, who is an individual identified as the sole or partial owner of record, or their designee [with a letter of authorization] of a real property (either developed or undeveloped), within the community planning area, or
  2. a resident, who is an individual whose primary address of residence is an address in the community planning area, or
  3. a local business person, who is a local business or not-for-profit owner, operator, or designee [with a letter of authorization] at a non-residential real property address in the community planning area, or
  4. a person who serves as a volunteer or works in the community planning area but who does not necessarily own the business or the agency for which employed or volunteers.

 Additionally, in order to be a candidate in the March election, an eligible member of the community [see qualifications listed above] must submit an application along with documentation of eligibility and documentation of attendance, at three of the last six meetings of the LVPG. The application and documentation must be given to the election committee no later than at the end of the February meeting.

Once eligibility to run for a Board position is established, an individual remains an eligible member of the community until a determination is made that the individual does not meet the planning group’s criteria and formal action is taken by the planning group.

Vacancies and Appointments to the Board LVPG

Vacancies during a term of a board member do happen when a member resigns or when a member has missed 3 consecutive or 4 regular meetings in the 12-month period. 

LVPG vacancies occurring between elections shall be filled with a nominee with strong consideration to previously non-elected candidates.  Nominees are be presented by the Chair and/or the election committee and voted upon by the members present at a regular noticed meeting.  The term of office for a member filling vacancies shall be for the balance of the vacated term. 


LVPG Bylaws