Bylaws & Elections Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chair: Howard Wayne

Board Members: Tom Cleary, Margarita Castro, Jennifer Carroll, Demi Brown,

Community Members:

Committee Description:

This subcommittee serves a dual role.

The Bylaws Subcommittee provides a paper or word document copy of the bylaws to new/old members of the planning group as needed.  This subcommittee makes the Group aware when the bylaws are not being followed, and recommends when changes would be beneficial. 

The duties of the Elections Subcommittee are to seek eligible candidates, to prepare the ballots, to qualify voters, and to conduct the LVPG’s elections at the March meeting or when a vacancy occurs.   The subcommittee shall maintain a list of candidates for future elections, a roster of members for the City and the LVPG secretary, and a record of past elections as well as the number of years a member has served on the Board.

See copy of the LVPG Bylaws (revised 2016)