Traffic & Transportation Subcommittee

Committee Chair: Kim Heinle

Board Members: Doug Beckham, Michael Beltran, Keith Warner, Carol Baker, Dottie Perez, Noel Musicha

Committee Description:

The Traffic and TransportationCommittee focuses on the vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian components outlined in the Linda Vista Community Plan.  The committee monitors areas of traffic congestion and offers suggestions on appropriate land uses, traffic flow, etc. to alleviate the problem.  This committee also follows the mass transit component of the Linda Vista Community Plan.  As such, public transportation issues affecting the greater Linda Vista area are addressed by the committee which includes members who use public transit.

Input is received and gathered in neighborhoods where traffic safety issues are a concern.  Meetings are then held to discuss solutions like crosswalks, Stop signs, street lights, speed bumps, and traffic signals. If there are concerns, we report our findings to the LVPG Board, make recommendations, speak at the Metropolitan Transit System Board meetings, write letters, circulate petitions if necessary, etc.  The goal is to insure that the current level of service is maintained or enhanced.

Recommendations are offered to the full LVPG Board for approval which could include letters of support to City staff and the City Council.


Agenda for the subcommittee on Monday, July 10 at 4:30 PM at the library can be viewed here