Zoning & Land Use Subcommittee

Committee Chair: Tom Cleary   (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Board Members: Margarita Castro, Howard Wayne, Keith Warner, Kim Heinle, Carol Baker, Doug Beckham

Subcommittee Description:

The City’s Development Services Department submits project plans and land use proposals to the LVPG Chairperson, who immediately forwards the materials to the Zoning/Land Use Subcommittee Chair. 

The subcommittee may visit the project site and meet to look over the documentation provided by the City which might include maps, drawings, reports, diagrams, etc. plus the sign off sheet.  They assess whether the project documentation meets City requirements and conforms to the goals of the Community Plan. 

A recommendation is made to the LVPG Board at a regular meeting, and after the vote the results, along with the sign off sheet is sent to the City as required. The project developer is kept informed by email and telephone and is given every opportunity to make a presentation of the project at a LVPG meeting.

Meeting of May 22, 2017