Monthly Meeting Schedule


4th Monday of each month (except December, or when a national holiday conflicts with the schedule)

5:30pm to 7:30pm

    Community Room at the Linda Vista Branch Library
    2160 Ulric Street, San Diego, CA 92111

Agenda Postings

At least 72 hours before a regular meeting, the agenda containing a brief general description of each agenda item to be discussed or voted upon will be posted at the following locations:

    Linda Vista Library
    Linda Vista Planning Group Website (this site)
    City of San Diego Website

Public Comment

Any interested member of the public may comment on agenda items during regular or special planning group meetings.  In addition, there is also an opportunity for the public at the beginning of the meeting to make comments on any subject including non-agenda items.

Planning group members may make brief announcements or reports to the planning group on their own activities under the public comment section of the agenda.  The planning group may adopt time limits for public comment to ensure operational efficiencies.

Government Representatives

In addition to the Planning Group members, representatives of the various branches of the Police, City, State, and Federal governments often attend to give reports and to answer questions to the Planning Group and public.